Archive Team Videographer

Archive Team

12 hours/event


Any Timezone


Furality Online Xperience is the furry convention that celebrates the VR furry fandom!

Furality, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity that operates a semi-annual online convention, which is made possible by our innovative and exciting use of virtual reality. By combining the best parts of VR and the furry community, we’ve created an immersive event that brings together the furry fandom in an extraordinary way.

Why Furality needs you!

The Furality team is a close-knit and diverse group of furries that are passionate about driving the VR furry fandom forward and having fun! You'll need to be 18 years of age or older to participate as a member of the Furality team.

Since our team is located around the world, all Furality team members work together remotely using our organization's collaboration tools, such as Discord and Notion.

What you'll do!

As an Archive Team Videographer, you will help us by being behind the camera and capturing the life of the event, people having fun, dancers, the shows, and the magic that happens at our events! During our events, you will operate a virtual camera within VRChat and record footage to be used in post-event highlight videos. Someone who has experience in broadcast or recording in VRChat, and a terrific eye for catching action would be a great fit for this position.

  • Operate virtual handheld camera and virtual camera drone using VRCLens in VRChat
  • Film B Roll of virtual worlds, attendees, interactions, and additional storytelling of our events in VRChat for future marketing videos
  • Occasionally record in-game audio while recording
  • Closely follow the action as requested, keeping picture in focus, and report any problems to the Archive Team Lead
  • Move between VRChat instances as directed to ensure event coverage
  • Maintain steady shots for short periods of time while recording
  • Use provided software to split and trim long video recordings into segments
  • Organize and catalog recorded videos segments when they are finalized using a specified naming scheme
  • Upload all recordings to provided cloud storage
  • Use Discord voice and text channels to communicate with Archive Team Lead and the production team
  • Work with the rest of the team to record different types of videos in VRChat
  • Participate in creative briefings and brainstorms with the production team


  • A portfolio/examples of past footage captured - (please link to in application)
  • Experience with using VRCLens and/or VRChat camera
  • Familiarity working with common broadcasting software like OBS Studio
  • Ability to respond quickly and effectively to directions from Team Leads
  • Ability to configure and upload VRChat avatars in Unity
  • Access to VRChat and PCVR headset required
  • As you may be in instances that have large player counts (25+) with varied performance ratings, we have some PC requirements for this position to maintain at least 30fps during recordings - (Please note in your application your system specs)
  • Should have at least 100GB of free space to work with per event weekend
  • Flexibility with working hours during the weekend of our Furality events

Extra skills that make our tails wag!

  • Previous VRChat camera operator experience
  • Live event experience
  • Professional or hobbyist experience with broadcast or film
  • Education or experience in film and/or editing
  • Experience with sound mixing and color correction